Alec Wilkey – BBB of C Licensed Trainer

I’ve had a long highly successful career as an amateur coach, based at Poplar Boxing Club in East London before progressing to the professional ranks.
I have coached many well known local fighters.
Until recently I was lead coach at the TKO Gym, alongside Johnny Eames.
As of May 2013 myself and my right hand man, Johnny Sparks have relocated to The Lansbury ABC club based in Crisp Street, Poplar, London E14.
We have enjoyed great success since being at The Lansbury, our champions include; Areti Mastrodouka, Danny “Cassius” Connor, Johnny Coyle, Adam Salman, Francis Maina and most recently Arthur Hermann.
Team Wilkey now consists of eight highly successful boxers, for more information on each boxer I would like to refer you to the ‘Boxers’ page.
As well as training professionals I am available for personal private One-2-One fitness training sessions for all levels.
Sessions are one hour in duration and cost £60.00

(discounted rate for 10 pre-paid sessions – £550.00).

Alec Wilkey